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Portfolio Support

As well as growth capital, companies benefit from our strategic advice and access to our prestigious business and investor network. We take a long term view and support companies to achieve their full potential.

Support for Founders

Our vision is to be the bridge. We take an active role in coaching early-stage companies and connecting them with our network of senior business leaders to seek advice, collaboration, and investment. 

- Frank Tong, Managing Partner, QBN Capital

Ingredients for Success


Reputable and influential, in particular in Asia, having QBN as a shareholder opens doors to infinite possibilities


From customers to regulators, we help companies bridge cultural gaps and overcome barriers to entry 


We work with companies to evaluate market opportunities and make introductions to strategic partners and prospective clients


We help companies identify the right partners, investors and talents as they expand and set up in new markets

What People Say


Niall Barton, Founder & Executive Chairman, Wrisk

QBN has been an exemplary lead investor for Wrisk. As well as doing detailed research on our company, they worked with us collaboratively which will always mark them down for me as an investor who's refreshingly sensitive to the needs of the founders, fellow investors, and the company alike. 

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