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QBN Capital joined CVC forum on Successful Fundraising

Hong Kong, November 3rd, 2021 - Getting access to capital funding is crucial for start-ups to scale their business and transcend to the next level. QBN Capital and one of its portfolio companies, Hex Trust, joined the Investor-Investee Dialogue session on the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum yesterday (November 2nd, 2021), discussing what investors are looking for in startups, the relationship between investors and investees and tips on fundraising.

Today, investor-investee relationship goes beyond term sheets. Both QBN Capital and Hex Trust believe the relationship is a partnership. Alessio Quaglini, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Hex Trust, commented “If we compare cryptocurrencies business to equity investment, the latter is like a marriage. Investors bring in connectivity for startups to raise funds. On the other hand, investee provides deal flows to investors.” Philea Chim, co-founder and Senior Vice President of QBN Capital, added: “A lot of times investors and investees think they are on different sides of the negotiation table. But when there is trust, respect and transparency, the relationship goes a lot smoother.

About Hex Trust

Hex Trust is a fully licensed, insured, and leading provider of bank-grade custody for digital assets. Led by financial services experts and veteran banking technologists, Hex Trust has built a proprietary platform – Hex Safe™ – that delivers an infrastructure custody solution for banks, financial institutions, asset managers, and exchanges to safely, securely, and efficiently operate in the digital asset ecosystem.


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