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Israeli Cybersecurity Startup ReSec Technologies Raises $4M in Series A Funding Led by QBN Capital

ReSec Technologies, a cyber security company that protects organizations from file-based malware threats, today announced the completion of its $4 million Series A round of financing, led by Hong Kong-based Venture Capital fund QBN Capital, with participation from HDI Group, part of Talanx, one of the largest European insurance groups, Disruptive Ventures, a boutique US-based investment house, and Pico Venture Partners, one of Israel's leading early stage Venture Capital funds. This new round of funding will be used to expand ReSec's operations globally.

With ransomware attacks rising globally and more than 90% of malware attacks originating from documents, ReSec's full-prevention solution protects organizations from both known and unknown ("zero day") file-based malware threats. The company's patented technology aims to disrupt a crowded market, that is dependent on detection solutions which often present both security and usability challenges to organizations.

ReSec's cutting edge Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology offers a zero trust approach and ensures that every document that enters the organization is both threat-free and fully functional, so that organizations are not forced to compromise on security in order to minimize the impact on their end users.

"We are extremely excited to complete this round and to have QBN and Talanx join our journey," said Tal Yatsiv, ReSec's Executive Chairman and CEO. "The investment will allow us to expedite development and focus on growth and expansion."

This current round of financing comes during a time of great momentum for ReSec, as its solution has been embraced by dozens of leading organizations and distributed by market leaders, including Tech Data in the United States, Intelligent Wave in Japan, Edvance Security in Hong Kong, and GVM in Thailand. In addition to this round of funding, ReSec has been awarded an innovation grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority. With the new financing, ReSec plans to double its team, to focus on expanding sales and marketing activities and to continue its R&D investment.

"ReSec's solution overcomes the limitations of traditional and advanced-threat solutions alike and allows organizations to achieve a powerful balance between security and usability", said Philea Chim, Senior Vice President at QBN Capital. "We are extremely impressed with ReSec's innovative solution and the value it brings to enterprises. We believe that the company is set up for rapid growth."

"ReSec is a financial investment for the HDI Group that offers starting points for operational and strategic cooperation; we have a strong belief in the company's future", said Ulrich Wallin, Managing Director of Hannover Digital Investments, the venture arm of the HDI Group. "We are pleased to join QBN and ReSec's existing investor lineup".

About ReSec

ReSec Technologies provides organizations with ultimate protection from file-based malware threats (both known and unknown – "zero day") from email, removable devices, and file-transfer threat vectors (web uploads/downloads, API, File Server), by using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. ReSec's ReSecure Platform is a gateway software solution, installed on-premise or on the cloud, designed to provide unparalleled security with unmatched usability. ReSec is deployed globally in highly sensitive organizations from diverse industries, including finance, critical infrastructure, defense, government, telecommunications, and airlines. For more information, contact ReSec at


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