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Piers Hedley


Senior Advisor

Since the start of his career, Piers' activities have centred on corporate finance, governance, and advisory. After a successful career in banking, in 1987 he became an independent consultant and started servicing a range of leading international financial institutions. Piers deals with clients who are based across the globe, with active and past projects spanning five continents. As a result, he has diverse and extensive experience with both private and publicly traded companies; having focused on family controlled businesses in particular. His engagements typically centre on providing strategic advice to help clients grow their businesses. The longer term nature of his engagements means he ultimately ends up helping his clients through Merger/Acquisition and the pursuit of other market liquidity strategies. He also represents a range of ultrahigh net worth families and assists them in managing/developing their directly owned businesses. On behalf of clients, he chairs philanthropic foundations. Additionally he acts as a mentor to a range of young entrepreneurs and is an investor in their businesses.

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