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Dou Yumei


Senior Consultant

Yumei Dou is the founder of InAI Capital and has significant experience in deep-tech investment and financial advisory. She is also a researcher on AI at the Industry Research Institution of Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, since 2019. Yumei covers a wide spectrum of forefront technologies ranging from telecom and datacom, semiconductor design and fabrication, to artificial intelligence and robotics. She has a deep understanding of the associated technology, corporate financials, and the market and business. Additionally, she provides industrial insights to the government on industrial policy and industry support funds, as well as their evaluation. Yumei has 15 years of working experience in deep-tech, from R&D, strategy, and management, having served for Motorola, Adobe, Danaher, and a Chinese AI unicorn, before switching to an investment career.

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